Wireless Solutions to be Trialed in Singaporean Homes by Australian -Singapore Consortium

Wireless Solutions to be Trialed in Singaporean Homes by Australian-Singapore Consortium Portus selects ProSyst OSGi software to develop and trial Household Connectivity solutions in the Singapore Connected Home Project

Wireless Solutions to be Trialed in Singaporean Homes by Australian -Singapore Consortium

Portus selects ProSyst OSGi software to develop and trial Household Connectivity solutions in the Singapore Connected Home Project

Cologne/Singapore September 1, 2003: Portus, a leading -edge provider of connected homes technology has decided to work with ProSyst, a leading provider of Embedded Java and OSGi software. Portus has chosen ProSyst´s OSGi implementation, mBedded Server, for its DIAS advanced services gateway product. mBedded Server shortens the development time of innovative network -based services and applications.

Portus is part of the HomeGenesis consortium that had earlier been awarded project support for trials in the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore's (IDA) Connected Homes project. The Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) develops, promotes, and regulates information technology and telecommunications in Singapore.

The Portus DIAS advanced services gateway uses broadband access, wireless networking, and device connectivity to bring together the separate systems of a home into one integrated, easy -to -use unit that can be remotely accessed by homeowners via a secure, web -based interface. The single, user -friendly device offers consumers a higher level of home security, a more comfortable environment, lower energy costs and the convenience of remote web access to their home's systems through mobile phones or PDAs.

The Portus solution will be affordable for consumers - with the DIAS advanced services gateway comparable in cost to that of a wireless broadband gateway, and a full system including DIAS and digital surveillance camera at the same price as a basic home security system. Future applications are planned for health monitoring, which will be invaluable for aged care or for monitoring family members with conditions such as diabetes. .

The DIAS advanced services gateway offers a single access point to multiple networks within homes by using 802.11x wireless LAN, Bluetooth wireless technology and Powerline communications. The DIAS allows multiple family members to access the Internet simultaneously and enables homeowners to monitor and control security cameras, lighting, air conditioning and a multitude of other functions from within the home or remotely.

Within the home, the Portus system is controlled through a web browser running on the Portus control pad. To view their home or their home's systems while away, users simply log in to the secure Portus website. Remote access and notification of home security alerts is provided through mobile messaging technologies available on mobile phones and PDAs. This highly integrated device provides total home connectivity and means for the delivery of multiple electronic services, without the need for separate systems or additional wiring. It can be installed in new or existing homes. Consumers simply plug the DIAS into a power socket and their main power supply becomes a network for controlling appliances and automation modules. Battery back -up power contained in the unit protects against power interruption.

DIAS will be OSGi compliant by running ProSyst´s mBedded Server.

The OSGi alliance specifies a Java -based service delivery platform that allows service -providers, gateway operators, device and car manufacturers to deliver, deploy and manage network -based services in a standardized and cost -effective manner. Thus, software developers are not only empowered to develop the required functionalities in a much shorter timeframe but are also freed up to fully concentrate on their core competencies and business logic.

Tim Lindquist, Managing Director of Portus, comments: "We have tested all of the OSGi -technologies available on the market and found ProSyst to be the ideal partner. The stability and performance - and simultaneous openness and modularity - of mBedded Server and mPower Remote Manager, as well as the large number of ready - to -use bundles, simply convinced us."

Daniel Schellhoss, Executive Board Member of ProSyst Software AG, adds: "Portus is a company that has significant experience in home automation. We are very pleased that Portus has chosen our software platform and we look forward to the cooperation."

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