OnQ Technologies and Monster Cable Expand Strategic Partnership

The partnership, which includes the availability of Monster Central with OnQ Inside will grow to include joint marketing, sales and training activity between the OnQ and Monster teams.

Harrisburg, PA (August 29, 2003) - OnQ Technologies, Inc., the leader in the home networking and structured wring industry and Monster Cable, the largest and most recognized cable and power products company in consumer electronics are expanding the OnQ/Monster alliance. The partnership, which includes the availability of Monster Central with OnQ Inside will grow to include joint marketing, sales and training activity between the OnQ and Monster teams. OnQ Inside, a structured wiring system consisting of Monster Cable branded enclosures with OnQ modules inside, leverages the strengths of both organizations offering recognized reliability and brand awareness.

"We are extremely pleased to join forces with an industry -leader like Monster Cable," said Doug Fikse, President OnQ Technologies. "It gives us an opportunity to combine our efforts within the Monster Cable dealer network with respect to sales and marketing, training, and technical support to provide a superior solution for home systems installers, in both the mid -to -high -end home categories as well as offer a higher -end solution to larger national builders."

Under the alliance, Monster Cable and OnQ will market complete residential home networking system packages consisting of the Monster Central enclosure, OnQ modules, OnQ outlets and accessories, and Monster Cable interconnects, bulk cable, power, computer and home theater products.

OnQ Technologies will support Monster Cable's dealer network with it's OnQ Professional Installer (PI) program and offer a 15 Year Extended Product Warranty on Monster Cable wired OnQ Inside systems. In order to offer this warranty, the installing company must be a Monster Cable Dealer and a member of the OnQ Professional Installer program. OnQ PI with installers have completed the OnQ Home Wiring Installation or the Advanced Installation and related testing.

The 15 Year Extended Product Warranty can be offered by qualifying installation companies that install a complete, end -to -end Monster Cable/OnQ system in accordance with Monster Cable and OnQ installation guidelines. The warranty, which covers passive products from OnQ and cables from Monster Cable, is activated when the installing company submits a properly completed registration application for the house.

"Our continued relationship with OnQ Technologies has now reached a new level of service to Monster Cable dealers and custom installers." said Noel Lee, The Head Monster at Monster Cable. "Now our dealers have not only the most advanced line of cable, power and structured wiring products available to them, but they have the powerful M4 sales and marketing process behind them, allowing Monster Cable, OnQ and our installing dealers to offer new opportunities to builders, new home buyers, and retail customers."

The Monster Central with OnQ Inside System offers an organized approach to the delivery of voice, video, data, automation and control to the residential marketplace. The Monster Central Service Center provides an array of snap in OnQ modules supporting telephone, data, LAN, audio and video services, security and lighting control, creating the total solution for Monster Cable dealers and customers. These products combine with a multitude of support programs such as the award -winning Monster Central Builder Program and the Monster Certified OnQ Professional Installer Program, to provide builders and installers with a comprehensive home networking solution.

About OnQ Technologies
OnQ Technologies, Inc. is a privately held corporation, headquartered in Harrisburg, PA. Additional information on the company is available on the Internet at www.onqtech.com or call (800) 321 -2343.

About Monster Cable
Monster Cable Products, Inc. is a privately held corporation, headquartered in Brisbane, CA. For more information on this press release or other Monster Cable products and services visit www.monstercable.com or call (415) 840 -2000.

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