Wireless LAN Buyer's Guide helps make sense of the IEEE 802.11 standards

New Guide is popular among HomeToys.com readers

AUSTIN, TX - August 29, 2003 - A Wireless LAN Buyer's Guide published this month on HomeToys.com is a favorite among online readers, surpassing previous wireless articles written by HomeToys' mentor, Wayne Caswell, founder and chief visionary of CAZITech Consulting.

"The Guide has a helpful grid comparing popular IEEE 802.11 standards and simple descriptions of tradeoffs you face when buying wireless products," Caswell said. These include:
٠ Frequency band
٠ Rated speed vs. actual throughput
٠ Range vs. battery life
٠ Reliability and the ability to avoid RF interference
٠ Quality of Service capabilities
٠ Security protection
٠ Compatibility (especially if roaming outside of the home)
٠ Ease of purchase, setup, use, and upgrade
٠ Vendor brand and price

Since inexpensive wireless LANs add mobility and eliminate ties to Ethernet wiring, they have exploded into over 11 million U.S. households, according to Gartner Group. These wireless networks allow PC users to share high -speed Internet connections while roaming about, moving either from one room to another in the home, or between the home and the office or public hotspot.

High -speed wireless service is becoming more available in hotels and conference facilities, airline terminals, boat marinas, truck stops, camping sites, coffee shops, and restaurants like McDonalds. And even the ubiquitous pay phone could become an access point, giving you wireless access DSL connections.

But if you plan to jump on the Wi -Fi bandwagon, you must choose among several 802.11 standards that are evolving at a fast rate and have different features and benefits. Prices are falling so fast that Caswell suggests that you shop around but focus more on value than price and consider the tradeoffs. He even suggests that you take the Guide with you.

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CAZITech Consulting is an Austin, TX firm that helps broadband, wireless, and home networking companies discover, analyze, develop, and evangelize new opportunities. Services include market and competitive analysis, strategic planning, and business development. Clients range from startups to multinationals. For more information, visit CAZITech at www.cazitech.com.

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