Lou Mannick, Rear Projection Pioneer, Enters Home Theater Market!

"TheaterWall" is the newest concept in Rear Projection Home Theater. A unique pre-engineered framing system provides a quick and easy installation and the best part is that TheaterWall hides everything in a 36" space behind the Wall!

The Home Theater market has just become a more creative and interesting place with the addition of Designer and Inventor Lou Mannick! On September 5th, at CEDIA EXPO 2003 in Indianapolis Indiana, Lou makes the transition from Commercial AV to Home Theater with the introduction of TheaterWall, an innovative new Rear Projection Home Theater.

Lou's primary focus for many years has been on custom AV solutions geared to Fortune 500 companies' display needs. With the introduction of TheaterWall, Lou applies his considerable knowledge to a new product that will change the way the Homeowner views television, movies, the Internet and video games.

Lou believes many Home Theater owners will prefer Rear Projection to front projection once the benefits are known. "This is exactly what occurred in commercial AV since it's inception". Lou explains. "With Rear Projection, the projector and special mirrors are positioned behind the screen. You do not have to dim the lights in the room to allow the image to look excellent".

"This is important," notes TheaterWall spokesman Ed Warner, "especially in today's homes where many different activities are taking place at the same time in the family or media room". He points out further that to have a large projection system and it's noise concealed behind the wall, offers the homeowner greater flexibility, and allows many lifestyles to co -exist in the same room.

Lou hold patents on a number of AV products and is a widely known designer in the commercial AV market place. Many in this industry however know Lou through his considerable musical talents due to his being a featured vocalist and harmonica player in All -Star -Bands that perform at major industry events and concerts!

Lou started his first company in 1979, in the professional audio business and created staging and sound systems for many famous performers. Since then Lou has designed and developed rear projection systems for thousands of major applications worldwide, including command and control, simulation and corporate boardrooms. One of Lou's most notable and distinguished designs was not however a projection system. He was responsible for the design and fabrication of the massive white stage cross for the Pope's visit to Los Angeles in 1987.

Lou will be introducing TheaterWall at Visual Solutions booth #409 all weekend September 5th thru 7th at the CEDIA EXPO 2003 in Indianapolis Indiana. For more information please call (866) 359 -2656. To contact Visual Solutions Distributing, call (877) -367 -4449

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