College students will never be late to class again, as Oregon Scientific's new RM313PA translucent projection alarm clock brings new technology to the old obstacle of being on time.

Tualatin, OR - (August 22, 2003) - College students will never be late to class again, as Oregon Scientific's new RM313PA translucent projection alarm clock brings new technology to the old obstacle of being on time.

As a member of the Oregon Scientific ExactSet™ timing product family, RM313PA has all the amazing attributes of ExactSet™ technology clocks: it sets itself automatically and self -corrects for daylight saving time. The clock is easy to use, never needs to be corrected, and it looks cool too.

Persistently reminding students of the time, the RMR313PA projects the time onto the ceiling in soft glowing red numbers. It is impossible to roll over and ignore. In addition to the projected time, the clock features a crescendo alarm with 8 minute snooze, for catching a few more Z's without oversleeping.

The compact size (4.25x2.5x4.5) and the innovative look of the RM313PA make it an ideal addition to the cramped quarters of a college dorm room. Coming in two semi -translucent colors (clear and blue) and one solid color (silver), its cool, curvaceous exterior and trendy look add a splash of fun to drab college living spaces. The HiGloTM Electro -luminescence display screen backlight allows easy viewing in all levels of light or darkness.

With ExactSet™ technology, the clock links up to the U.S. Atomic Clock every four hours through radio frequency signals, to assure that the user is receiving the correct time. No longer will a student be late for class with the daylight -saving -time excuse, as the RM313PA automatically adjusts for daylight saving. The radio tower icon on the clock's screen reassures its owner that the clock is properly receiving signals from the U.S. Atomic Clock. The clock conveniently runs on an AC Adaptor or two AA batteries.

With many convenient features, the only thing the RM313PA cannot do is literally tear the covers off and kick the student out of bed.

The RM313PA Features are:

· ExactSetTM projection clock with fixed projection

· HiGloTM Electro -luminescence screen backlight

· 12 -hour clock and month/day calendar in English, French or Spanish

· 8 minute snooze and crescendo alarm

· Sets itself automatically to the U.S. Atomic Clock

· Automatic Signal Reception Activation 6 times every 24 hours

· AC Adaptor included for continuous projection

· Batteries: 2 -AA

· actual size: 4.25x2.5x4.5

Oregon Scientific products are available in catalogs, specialty stores nationwide, and on the Internet. For a list of retailers see the company website at www.oregonscientific.com.

Oregon Scientific, Inc. was founded in 1991. It is a division of one of the world's premier electronics manufacturers, Integrated Display Technology, Ltd. (IDT), Hong Kong. The company is one of the world's leading designers and marketers of award -winning, upscale personal electronic products, offering five families of products that all incorporate the company's advanced liquid -crystal display (LCD) technology, for use at home, in business, while traveling and during recreational time. Oregon Scientific, Inc. is headquartered in Tualatin, Oregon. For further information on Oregon Scientific, please see the company website at www.oregonscientific.com

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