Great News: T.H.E. Show returns to the St Tropez

On July 15, 2003, The Home Entertainment Show signed a long-term contract with the St. Tropez All Suite Hotel located right next to Alexis Park, home of high-end audio displays for the Consumer Electronics Show.

Mike Maloney, CEO of The Home Entertainment Show, explained, "T.H.E. Show is not giving up its long term contract with the Hotel San Remo but is now expanding to have exhibits at both hotels." "The majority of the large displays will be located in the San Remo conference center and ballrooms and the standard exhibit suites at the St. Tropez." "Now we can offer every conceivable size of display space from booth space to 550 sq. ft exhibit suites, all the way up to 1,410 sq. ft. ballroom exhibit space." Prices will range from as low as $777 for booth space, $2,577 for standard exhibit suites and as low as $9 and $10 per square feet for the larger spaces, dependent upon location. "All this, along with our extra show day (Monday, January 12th), makes T.H.E. Show the best value for exhibitors and more convenient for attendees."

"We have also contracted with the Hawthorne Suites Hotel for even more guest rooms bringing our guest room blocks at San Remo and Hawthorne Suites to more than 500." The Hawthorne Suites is right next to the Hotel San Remo. Continuous shuttle service between the St Tropez, the Hotel San Remo and Hawthorne Suites makes it easy to get to both venues and Alexis Park. The hotels offer a wide variety of accommodations and everyone, not just exhibitors, can take advantage of the low contracted rates for T.H.E. Show (starting at just $39) by visiting their website at www.the .

After three successful years at the St Tropez, 1999 through 2001, in which T.H.E. Show saw the number of its exhibits increase by nearly 50% annually; management at the hotel changed and T.H.E. Show was forced to find a new home. "The main reason for the return to the St Tropez", reflects Richard Beers, President and Operations Manager of T.H.E. Show, "is the change of ownership". "For the last few years" says Mr. Beers, "the property has been neglected and had basically deteriorated to the point we could not present it to our clients". "Now, we have a great relationship with the new management team at the St Tropez and have witnessed many improvements at the venue."

To that end, the new General Manager of the St Tropez, John Sevilla and Director of Sales, Angela Corvello add, "We are ecstatic to return T.H.E. Show to its rightful home. We have gone through over a half million dollars in renovation to the property so far this year and plan to have another half million completed by the time T.H.E. Show 2004 takes place. Not only are we having a great relationship with T.H.E. Show officials but are looking forward to serving and growing along with the exhibitors and their needs for years to come."

Exhibitors and visitors alike wishing to find out more about the expansion are encouraged to visit T.H.E. Show at their website www.the or to call 1 -310 -641 -5443 for more information.

Mr. Maloney sums up the news of the expansion this way: "The Home Entertainment Show has always been The Show designed by audiophiles for audiophiles. With the addition of the newly renovated St Tropez and the diversity of the large exhibit suites and great accommodations at the San Remo and Hawthorne Suites, we are finally able to properly give everyone in the industry what they need: great display opportunities with great accommodations and unparalleled service. The marriage between the St Tropez, the Hotel San Remo and Hawthorne Suites is guaranteed to be a very long term union and a very successful one for T.H.E. Show and its exhibitors."

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