Smart Systems Technologies has released two enhancements to the empower System

An improved power supply and heating and cooling zone expansion module.

Albuquerque, NM July 23, 2003 - A little over a year after the release of the empower system, Smart Systems Technologies has released two enhancements to the empower System; an improved power supply and heating and cooling zone expansion module.

The newly released empower System Power Supply offers substantial improvement in heat dissipation with a slim profile. Further, the new Power Supply removes the need for a small cooling fan to be mounted in the system enclosure.

The HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) Expansion module offers two additional zones of control per card. The empower System has two zones of HVAC control 'out -of -the -box' along with three expansion ports that can accommodate up to eight zones of heating and cooling control.

"The empower system offers substantial homeowner benefit; from protective safety features such as reactive lighting to interactive energy management for saving money," states John Geiwitz, President of Smart Systems Technologies, "it is our goal to see this product delivered as a standard feature into a significant portion of the new homes built over the next 18 months."

In addition, Smart Systems Technologies will also release cutting edge resource and energy management products in this same quarter.

About the empower System
The empower System offers three key benefits to homeowners over other non -integrated home technologies: Safety, Energy & Lifestyle. Safety features include a built -in security system, reactive lighting control, automatic deactivation of appliances and immediate shut down of the heating and cooling system in the event of a fire. Energy features include increased awareness and management capabilities that allow homeowners to make informed decisions, budget usage and save money. Lifestyle benefits relate to comfort, control and convenience; including mood and entertainment lighting control, remote access to the system, audio control and custom scenes.

About Smart Systems Technologies
Founded in 1998, Smart Systems Technologies, Inc. is a leader in the home systems market providing top national homebuilders with simple, integrated and affordable solutions to the mass -market residential consumer. The flagship product line, known as the empower System (Patent Pending), features controls for Safety, Energy Management and Lifestyle benefits in one simple to use package. Headquartered in Albuquerque, NM, Smart Systems Technologies is a privately held, product development, distribution and installation company with sales offices nationwide.

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