Signature Wire Corp Introduces Good, Better, Best Program for Coaxial Cables

Signature Wire Corp., a leading designer and distributor of quality wire, cables, connectors, interconnects, tools and accessories for the low-voltage custom installation market has introduced a new way to sell their Coaxial cables.

Denver, CO - July 25, 2003 - Signature Wire Corp., a leading designer and distributor of quality wire, cables, connectors, interconnects, tools and accessories for the low -voltage custom installation market has introduced a new way to sell their Coaxial cables.

Join the Digital Revolution
"We are experiencing a Digital Revolution in the consumer electronics industry," said John Kelly, president. "It is virtually impossible to go anywhere today without experiencing 'digital this' or 'digital that'. With all the choices in the marketplace today, we felt it was necessary to help our customers figure out which coaxial cable best fit their installation needs."

From Analog to High Definition, Signature Wire Keeps you Connected
Signature Wire has printed a 6 -page brochure highlighting their "Good, Better & Best" program for their Coaxial cables. Developed as an easy reference guide for choosing the best coaxial cable for any installation need, its sole purpose is to help their customers determine the optimum coaxial cable based on quality, price & performance.

The "Good" section highlights their Signature Select® Entry -Level Coaxial Cables. Featuring the Signature Select® Dual, Quad and Siamese cables, these are some of the finest RG6, RG59 & RG11 coaxial cables on the market today. Sweep -tested to 2.25 GHz, these cables were designed for those customers who do not require the serial digital upgrade, yet deserve high -quality and reliable analog coaxial cables.

The "Better" section highlights Signature Wire's line of Copper Fusion™ Serial Digital Cables. Designed with a solid copper center conductor - crushproof dielectric - 100% foil shield - 95% braided shield - and an 83% Velocity of Propagation, this cable not only looks great, but it delivers! Available in RG6 & RG59 in nine jacket styles, Copper Fusion™ was developed for those customers looking for that upgraded serial digital cable at outstanding price points.

Introducing the Silver Lining of Pure Performance
The "Best" section introduces the newest addition to the Signature Wire serial digital cable family - Silver InFusion™. This is the ultimate silver serial digital cable designed to exceed the extreme demands for all high -definition applications. With broadcast quality performance, a silver -plated conductive skin and superior construction, this 3.0 GHz silver serial digital cable is pure performance! "Because consumer electronics technology is advancing at such a rapid pace, Silver InFusion™ was developed for those customers interested in future -proofing their homes with the best serial digital cable on the market today," states Emery Palmer, National Sales Manager.

Signature Wire's goal is to provide solutions and profits to their customers. As technology advances, Signature Wire strives to develop the perfect cable for any installation need so that their customers can concentrate on their own bottom line!

Founded in 1995, Signature Wire Corp. has become a leading designer and national distributor of quality wire, cables, connectors, interconnects, tools, and cable accessories for today's evolving low -voltage custom installation market. With a motto of "Solutions to Connect All Lifestyle Needs", product applications include audio & video distribution, home theaters, systems integration, lighting control, and whole -house automation. Signature Wire offers a wide array of low -voltage cables, including speaker, coaxial, RGB, category, bundled, control, fiber optic, manufacturer -specific, lighting control and multi -conductor. Along with a full line of interconnects, crimp, compression and solder -on connector, tools, and a full line of cable accessories, Signature Wire promises solutions and profits to all custom dealers, installers and system integrators across the country.

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Video Mount Products DVR-LB3

Video Mount Products DVR-LB3

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