New ReplayTV 5500 Series Adds Powerful New Features

Viewers Can Skip Re-Runs, Eliminate Programming Conflicts and Much More!

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - July 2, 2003 - ReplayTV®, a Digital Networks North America (DNNA) company, has introduced a new generation of its revolutionary product, giving TV viewers even more control over their viewing experience. The ReplayTV 5500 series adds four powerful new features that offer home network recording, the ability to skip reruns and eliminate programming conflicts.

The Replay 5500 series, which will be available August 2003, incorporates all the award -winning features that ReplayTV is known for, plus the new ReplayTV 5.0 software. The software adds four impressive features to the ReplayTV experience, including:

· Network Recording - Identifies recording conflicts and automatically assigns recording to an available ReplayTV on your home network
· Pause and Resume - Pause your movie in the living room and finish watching it in the bedroom
· First Run Recordings -Record only the new episodes and skip recording the repeats
· Recording Priority - Automatically identifies conflicts and lets you decide which shows to record

The new ReplayTV 5500 also features QuickSkip™ and high -speed fast forward buttons so users can determine on their own which parts of programming they would like to view. With the touch of a button, QuickSkip allows viewers to choose to skip parts of a recorded program in 30 -second increments. ReplayTV's fast forward button allows users to fast -forward at up to 20 times normal speed.

Broadband -Ready Connectivity
The 5500 series is also "broadband -ready," meaning users can choose either to connect the ReplayTV Service through their high speed broadband Internet connection or simply plug in their regular phone line and connect to ReplayTV's built -in analog modem. And like its predecessor the 5000 series, the 5500 series is also network -ready, allowing users to connect two or more units using the installed home network and instantaneously watch shows recorded in one room while they're in another.

Additional Features and Capabilities
The ReplayTV 5500 offers consumers all of the features they have come to expect from ReplayTV, including:
· Record Without Tape - Record up to 320 hours of content
· Broadband Ready - Choose broadband or phone line access to the ReplayTV service
· QuickSkip™ - Use QuickSkip on your remote to jump past the boring parts
· Theme Record - Automatically record shows by keyword or theme
· MyReplayTV - Program your ReplayTV while away from home using the Internet
· Room -To -Room - Stream video from one room to another between networked ReplayTVs
· Your Photos™ - Store and view your digital photos on TV
· And More - Find Shows, Parental Control, Show Organizer, Conflict Resolver, Manual Record, Show Extender and ReplayZones™

Model # Hard Disk Capacity Price*
RTV5504 40 hours $549.99
RTV5508 80 hours $649.99
RTV5516 160 hours $849.99
RTV5532 320 hours $1199.99

* Pricing includes three year subscription service fee. The customer receives a fully enabled ReplayTV upon purchase, with access to all functions and capabilities.

About ReplayTV
As the inventor and creator of personal television, ReplayTV, a Digital Networks North America company, is a leader in the digital entertainment space. ReplayTV digital video recorders (DVRs) allow users to watch what they want, when they want. The most advanced DVR available today, ReplayTV has built a loyal following and has earned numerous patents for the development of groundbreaking technology associated with DVR design. With ReplayTV, users can find all their favorite shows, record them digitally onto a hard drive and watch them whenever they want. Viewers can also pause, rewind, fast -forward, frame advance, create their own instant replays, and watch live TV in slow motion. With ReplayTV, there's always something good on.

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