Leviton Voice & Data Division Releases T -700 Product Catalog

2003 Catalog includes Angled Panels & eXtreme 6+ Category 6 System.

June 30, 2003 -Bothell, WA -Leviton Voice & Data Division today released its new T -700 product catalog, featuring multimedia solutions for copper and fiber structured cabling. Catalog sections include: Performance Systems, Connectors, Wallplates & Housings, Copper Components, Fiber Components, Cable Management, and Tools sections, including all the latest Leviton Voice & Data products such as unique Angled Panels, and the extreme 6+ system.

Residential Structured Media products can be found in the new Leviton Integrated Networks Catalog, along with a complete selection of power quality, home control, security and lighting control products for home networking.

New products listed in the T -700 catalog include:

eXtreme 6+ Category 6 System combines the best performance in the industry with the latest in mechanical integrity by using patent -pending "Retention Force Technology". Craft -friendly features such as a specially designed pair -separation tower on the jack rear -termination field and IDC's that punch down easy but hold tight, even with Cat 6 wire size variances found on the market today. Panels come in QuickPort, Angled, or 110 -style versions, and Patch Cords are solid conductor for enhanced electrical performance. A matching slimline boot allows installation and easy access in high -density applications.

Angled Patch Panels with unique wedge design help cables flow directly into vertical cable managers, maintaining proper bend radius, eliminating the need for front horizontal cable management and freeing up rack space. Available in GigaMax 5e and eXtreme 6+ versions.

Fast Cure Adhesive Connectors, available in FC, SC, ST & LC styles, feature fast -curing epoxy, terminate in less than 5 minutes, and are a low -cost alternative to mechanical connectors.

Midsize & Stainless Steel QuickPort Wallplates provide a designer look for voice/data/audio/video applications, with an over -sized silhouette to cover irregular drywall cuts, or the high -tech, high -fashion look of stainless steel.

Fiber Optic Pigtails and Cable Assemblies are part of an expanded selection of competitively priced, high -quality fiber patch cords and new pigtailed connectors.

110 -RCA Connector lets you run RCA applications such as games and audio/video over standard category compliant copper wire. Features unique 110 -style IDC punch -downs.

LC Fiber Connectivity includes Fast Cure connectors, standard and QuickPort adapters, 12 - & 24 -fiber mounting plates, and cable assemblies for high -density, high -bandwidth applications.

Shutters & Icons for labeling and port identification, as well as protection of connectors from dirt and debris.

International Wallplates are offered, in versions for the United Kingdom and South America.

T -700 Catalogs can be obtained by calling Leviton Sales Support at 1 -800 -722 -2082, or visiting Leviton's website at www.levitonvoicedata.com

Featured Product

GreenPeak’s GP565 – ZigBee for smart Remote Controls

GreenPeak's GP565 - ZigBee for smart Remote Controls

The GP565 Smart Home RF chip for remote controls supports voice control, motion sensing and the new ZRC 2.0 protocol. The GP565 is optimized for advanced & low cost ZigBee RF4CE remote controls. • 120k or 248k Flash (8k or 16k RAM) memory • 40-pin footprint to support a keyboard scanner interface or other IO interfaces required for remote controls. • Reduced current consumption and improved receiver sensitivity and output power • Patented Antenna Diversity technology enables superior range and WiFi/Bluetooth interference rejection