Intrigue Technologies Offers MAC Support

Intrigue Technologies Inc., creators of the award winning Harmony Remote Control, have announced the up-coming release of Macintosh support for the Harmony Remote SST-768 and SST-748.

Mississauga, Ontario, July 2nd, 2003 - Intrigue Technologies Inc., creators of the award winning Harmony Remote Control, have announced the up -coming release of Macintosh support for the Harmony Remote SST -768 and SST -748. From July 16th to 18th you will be able to find Harmony Remote displaying their official new release of the compatibe software at the Mac World show in New York City.

"We've had so many requests for Mac support, that this is shaping up to be a very exciting release," said Intrigue Technologies Chief Executive Officer, Bryan McLeod. "Too many manufacturers ignore Mac support, especially the high -end remote control manufacturers. What they forget is even though Mac is a minority platform, their user base has a very high level of affinity for new technology. Average Mac users have high income, extended education and are early technology adopters. We have been receiving a tremendous number of requests for this development and are expecting strong support from Macintosh users. It really is a natural fit to make the Harmony Remote Mac compatible".

The Harmony Remote is more than just a universal remote; it is a hand -held computer with an amazing level of user -friendliness. Thanks to 'Smart State Technology TM', the Harmony Remote is able to send the necessary commands to control your complex Audio and Visual setup as though it had merged into one, simple home theater system.

To ensure that the Mac compatible firmware is pre -installed for delivery and to avoid conflicts and confusion, new units should be purchased directly from

The Harmony Remote takes advantage of Smart State Technology TM (SSTTM) to put simple control into the hands of currently frustrated home theater owners. SSTTM does not require programming complicated 'Macros' or any specialized training. With a Harmony Remote, all anyone needs to do is select the Activity on the remote's display and Smart State Technology TM will do the rest. For example, if "Watch a DVD" is selected the Harmony Remote will send all the commands and start your DVD all in one step. The user will never again need to navigate the jungle of wires behind every Audio Visual system just to figure out what unit is plugged into which input jack.

The New Harmony Remotes are developed at Intrigue Technologies Inc. in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. They carry price tags of $299.00 for the Harmony Remote SST -768 and $199.00 USD for the SST -748. Harmony Remotes control entertainment devices such as (but certainly not limited to) TVs, VCRs, DVDs, Lighting control units, Satellite receivers, CDs, Radios and MP3 players. The Harmony Remote's capabilities reach far beyond basic control of electronic equipment. The user can now connect to the Internet via a standard USB port on any computer to utilize online programming. This online access gives the customer the opportunity to display TV listings on the Harmony Remote's LCD screen for up to 14 days, making the Harmony Remote the essential and enabling link between the two most popular mediums - Television and the Internet."

About Intrigue Technologies Inc. and The Harmony Remote

Justin Henry and Glen Harris, two biomedical engineers, originally founded Intrigue Technologies Inc, as Easy Zapper Inc. in 1999. They were frustrated by the complexity of operating a "simple" home theatre system and the plethora of remote control devices that were required. They conceived of the idea that is now the Harmony Remote Control. After identifying the opportunity for a "web -connected" universal remote control, they spent two years developing the product, establishing the company that is now known as Intrigue Technologies Inc. The company's vision is to produce revolutionary products that help consumers simplify their every day lives. The Harmony Remote Control has won numerous awards including the prestigious Consumer Electronic Show Innovations Award for 2002 and 2003, and the Electronics House Product of the Year Award for 2002. Intrigue Technologies Inc.

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