Compact High-Performance 5.1 Loudspeaker Package Combines Stylish Design And Outstanding Sound Quality

WOODBURY, NY - Infinity Systems today introduced the TSS -750 home theater loudspeaker system, the first in Infinity's Total Solutions™ line of high -performance, advanced -technology loudspeaker packages. The TSS -750 System is a complete 5.1 -channel loudspeaker solution that combines compact, distinctive design with outstanding performance and installation flexibility. It incorporates Infinity's newly developed Metal Matrix Diaphragm™ (MMD™) driver technology to deliver superb sound quality at an attractive price point.

The TSS -750 System includes four two -way satellite loudspeakers, featuring a 3 -1/2 -inch MMD woofer and 3/4 -inch MMD tweeter, a dedicated center channel loudspeaker (dual 3 -1/2 -inch MMD woofers, 3/4 -inch MMD tweeter) and the TSS -750 subwoofer, employing a 10 -inch MMD woofer and built -in 150 -watt amplifier. The satellites and center channel feature enclosures constructed of extruded and anodized aluminum, giving them an elegant, stylish appearance, while providing significant sonic advantages.

Eli Harary, Infinity Brand Manager, noted, "Exceptional design and performance are top priorities at Infinity, and our new TSS -750 is the ideal system for consumers who don't want to sacrifice either in a home theater loudspeaker package. The elegant design of the TSS -750 is evocative of Infinity's flagship Prelude™ MTS loudspeakers, with finish and mounting options that enable it to blend perfectly into any living space, and the system delivers superlative sound quality as well."

High -Performance Incredible -Value Home Theater

All the drivers used in Infinity TSS -750 System loudspeakers incorporate the company's newly developed MMD technology. Derived from the company's patented Ceramic Metal Matrix Diaphragm (CMMD™) technology, MMD drivers offer significantly improved performance compared to those made of conventional cone materials.

MMD driver cones are manufactured by anodizing both sides of an aluminum core to a controlled thickness, producing low -mass, highly rigid driver diaphragms that operate with greatly reduced distortion and cone breakup, along with outstanding transient response, resolution and smoothness throughout their frequency range. Each tweeter and woofer is optimized for its particular application, with resonances virtually eliminated within each driver's frequency range to achieve maximum sonic clarity.

The Infinity TSS -750 satellites and center channel feature contoured acoustically inert aluminum enclosures that are capable of keeping internal standing waves and unwanted resonances at an absolute minimum. The TSS -750 System also employs Infinity's room -friendly acoustical design principles, which ensure they will provide sonically accurate performance in the widest variety of listening environments and placement positions, and the center channel loudspeaker is optimized for maximum dialogue intelligibility and accurate localization to coincide with the on -screen image.

The Infinity TSS -750 System offers far more installation flexibility than conventional satellite/subwoofer systems. The design of the satellites enables them to be placed freestanding on a shelf, or mounted on a wall with the unique swivel wall -mount -bracket system incorporated into each satellite. Optional matching floor stands are also available. The center channel speaker is supplied with a base for mounting atop a TV set or shelf, enabling the center channel to be adjusted toward the listeners.

The subwoofer includes variable level and crossover -frequency controls, along with line -level/LFE inputs and a phase switch, for a seamless sonic blend with the satellites and center -channel loudspeakers. The TSS -750 integrates easily into any home theater system.

The system's appearance is as distinctive as its performance, with contoured satellite and center channel enclosures, and a vertically oriented subwoofer with a contoured front bezel that complements the appearance of the five main loudspeakers. The Infinity TSS -750 is available in a choice of platinum or charcoal brushed -aluminum finish with matching grilles. The TSS -750 System is built to the high -quality standards inherent in all Infinity products. The satellites and center -channel feature heavy -duty gold -plated binding posts for secure connection and easy setup, and are magnetically shielded.

The Infinity TSS -750 home theater loudspeaker system carries a suggested retail price of $749 and will be available in September 2003. Additional Total Solutions packages will be announced in fall 2003.

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