Check My Destiny

Check My Destiny, an innovative software feature that substantially reduces the installation and debug time for the integrator.

Morgan Hill, CA - June 27, 2003 - - - Destiny Networks, Inc., a residential control and handsfree automation company based in Morgan Hill, CA, today announced the introduction of Check My Destiny, an innovative software feature that substantially reduces the installation and debug time for the integrator.

Every integrator knows that systems don't always work perfectly when first turned on. Many things can go wrong like programming errors, wiring errors, faulty wiring, and faulty hardware. Check My Destiny helps identify the problem quickly with information and debug functionality for every port on the Domain 5000. Each port includes a description of what the software believes is wired to it, a log of the last 20 commands sent and received, and the ability to directly and in real -time manipulate that port. These capabilities provide Check My Destiny with unmatched debug capability.

Imagine seeing that IR port 1 is connected to the Family Room DVD player and the last command, "Play", was sent to the DVD player at 5:42:22 pm.

Debug tools like Check My Destiny are unique to Destiny Networks because they must be developed on a configurable software application. In order for a custom program to have tools like this, the tools would be custom programmed for each job as well.

"Destiny Networks is committed to making integration easy," said Mark Stiving, President and CEO of Destiny Networks, Inc. "First we eliminated custom programming with Ubiquity, our configurable software application. Next came Find My Destiny, simplifying the network management of IP based systems. Now, Check My Destiny dramatically reduces the debug time involved in integration."

Destiny Networks is demonstrating Check My Destiny at the CEDIA Expo tradeshow in booth #618.

About Destiny Networks
Destiny Networks, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of handsfree automation for the home. With an intelligent sensor architecture and configurable software application, Destiny Networks' capabilities far surpass simple monitoring and control to provide homeowners unmatched convenience, energy savings, security and entertainment. To learn more about Destiny Networks visit, email, or call (408) 779 -0060.

Destiny Networks, Ubiquity, Find My Destiny and Check My Destiny are trademarks of Destiny Networks, Inc.

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