Cabletronix Announces the CTARM -IR Series

Residential Digital Agile Modulators with Infrared Remote Control Extending Capability

July 7, 2003 - West Chester, PA - Cabletronix, a division of North American Cable Equipment, Inc. (NACE), announced today the CTARM -IR series of residential digital agile modulators with infrared remote control signal passing capability. Capitalizing on the competitive features and pricing of its successful family of CTARM modulators, the CTARM -IR allows the use of infrared hand held remotes to control any device in the house from anywhere in less than one tenth of a second. This permits the user to view programming content at a site separate from the location containing the modulated and video source while retaining the ability to change channels on the video source from the remote location with virtually no delay. For example, a DVD player located in the family room can be modulated on channel 105 so it can be viewed on a bedroom TV. The DVD remote can be used in the bedroom to control the DVD player. The remote control signal is transmitted through the same coaxial cable that carriers the RF signal to the bedroom TV.

The CTARM -IR series, like Cabletronix's entire CTARM line of residential modulators, allow consumers to watch what they want from any home TV without having to pay for extra VCRs, DVD players, cable boxes, satellite receivers, or surveillance monitors. These modulators also allow a consumer to introduce a new "video source" such as home security cameras to their existing cable system without additional wiring.

Offering consumers the opportunity to "customize" their configurations when needed, the CTARM -IR series includes the CTARM -1LTIR, CTARM -2LTIR, and CTARM -4IR that are respectively single, dual, and quad input modulators. In addition, with loop through ports the CTARM -1LTIR and CTARM -2LTIR preserve stereo audio and video signals at the source for those customers having home theater systems. Further, consumers can add up to seven TVs at any time with the use of Cabletronix's optional CTIRE -8 eight output infrared engine.

Key CTARM -IR features include extended UHF and CATV channel range, RF output gain control, audio and video AGC, precise digital PLL control, separate RF amplifier to maintain signal quality, combined left/right audio inputs, and investment protection through compatibility with all standard consumer video and security devices and NTSC televisions. Each modulator is housed in a low profile case with channel output selection and LED channel display. Non -volatile memory is included to remember channel assignments in the event of power failure.

According to Aaron Starr, Cabletronix / NACE founder and president, "The CTARM -IR represents a significant breakthrough with respect to features, performance, and price compared to products offered by the competition. This means that dealers and installers have a compelling alternative to offer their customers without compromising performance or quality. The CTARM -IR also affords dealers and installers the opportunity to upsell additional products and services while delivering value to the consumer."

North American Cable Equipment, Inc. founded in 1992 with headquarters in West Chester, Pennsylvania and sales and distribution facilities in Pennsylvania, Florida, Missouri, and Nevada is a leading supplier and specialist in Cable and Satellite television processing and distribution technologies. Cabletronix is the company's family of residential and commercial -grade modulators, demodulators, launch amplifiers, power supplies, and multiswitches.

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