Products Feature Full Compliance with Faster Wireless Standard And No Need for Firmware Upgrade

SUNNYVALE, CA (July 30, 2003) - - Actiontec Electronics is now shipping its 54 Mbps Wireless Access Point and 54 Mbps Wireless PC Card, the first products in a complete Actiontec family built for the new super -fast 802.11g wireless networking standard. The two products are among the first on the market to fully comply with the new "Wireless -G" standard, eliminating the need for firmware upgrades or other user intervention.

The 54 Mbps connectivity of the new Actiontec products nearly quintuples the 11 Mbps available under the widely adopted 802.11b protocol, boosting browsing and working speeds to near -wired levels. These faster speeds will facilitate wireless use of high -bandwidth applications such as video conferencing, video on demand, online gaming, and transfer of large graphic files.

Both products are also backward -compatible with Wireless -B devices, permitting their use in homes, businesses and public hotspots that have deployed the older 802.11b infrastructure. This interoperability is possible because both Wireless -B and Wireless -G operate in the 2.4 GHz radio frequency.

In internal tests at Actiontec, the new products achieved faster throughput than similar wireless equipment from three competing vendors, particularly in combined Wireless -B and Wireless -G environments. Throughput speeds in this mixed mode were as much as five times higher than other brands', whether the client system was 5, 20, 50 or 100 feet away from the Access Point.

Other features of the new Actiontec 54 Mbps Access Point and PC Card include:

· A discovery utility on the PC Card that enables users to find other Access Points in the network and therefore quickly determine the most suitable locations for wireless computing.

· An AP locator utility on the Access Point that enables users to find other Actiontec 54Mbps Wireless Access Points and get the IP address to remotely configure each Access Point.

· Built -in antennas providing connectivity up to 100 feet indoors and 400 feet outdoors.

· Support for advanced networking and management features, including SNMP, IP filtering and roaming.

"With the new Wireless -G standard making wireless connectivity nearly as fast as wired, wireless computing undoubtedly will gain even more momentum among both home and business users," said Dean Chang, Actiontec President and CEO. "We have developed our 54 Mbps products to help usher in this new era, continue to free end users from cables, and simplify the computing process that has become a part of our daily lives."

Actiontec also plans to release a 54 Mbps Wireless Gateway combining an ADSL modem with a wireless networking router, a 54 Mbps Router, and a 54 Mbps Ethernet Adapter that comply with the IEEE 802.11g protocol. Those products are expected to ship later this year.

Pricing and Availability
Both the Actiontec Wireless -G Access Point (MSRP $129.95) and the Actiontec Wireless -G PC Card (MSRP $79.95) are available through select mass market retailers and direct from

About Actiontec
Actiontec Electronics, Inc. is a leading supplier of broadband and analog devices designed to facilitate or leverage Internet access, including the industry's first call waiting modems, DSL modems, cable/DSL routers, Internet telephony products and wireless home networking kits. Kid Defender, the first real -time Internet control software for parents, continues the company's focus on products that optimize Internet use. Actiontec products have earned Best of Show at Retail Xchange, Editors Choice awards from CNET's and, and Top 100 Products of the Year from Computer Shopper. Actiontec products are distributed through mass market retailers, Actiontec's online store, and private label and Tier 1 OEM relationships. The company is headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA, and maintains branch offices in Austin, TX; Colorado Springs, CO; Reading, United Kingdom; China and Taiwan. For more information, phone 408 -752 -7700, fax 408 -541 -9003, or visit

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