ComfortClick works with KNX, Modbus, Z-Wave, S-Bus, DSC alarm, Global Caché, IRTrans, XBMC, Philips Hue, SMA Solar Technologies, IP cameras and IP intercom.

Home Control Software Interview - ComfortClick

Luka Persic | ComfortClick


Please give us a general overview of your software.

ComfortClick bOS is the first building Operating System for home, office, hotel or any other commercial building. bOS is designed to integrate and automate all systems and devices in any smart building. It enables users to control their smart building from a single app on their favorite mobile device.

bOS software consists of server application -  bOS Server, configuration utility - bOS Configurator and client applications - bOS Client (for iOS, Andorid, Windows):

bOS Server is the brains of the bOS platform, it enables connection with building devices, runs logical operations, schedules, scenes, etc. bOS Server is installed on a computer with Windows.

bOS Configurator is application used  for system configuration. bOS Configurator enables you to design your custom GUI, logical operations, scenes, schedules, etc.

bOS Client is what the end users sees, it’s an application used for smart building monitoring and control.  We offer Client applications for iOS, Android and Windows. You can also use any modern web browser as a client interface.


Which OS and hardware are required to make the system function?

A PC with Windows is needed to run the bOS Server application. Users can use their own hardware or get the hardware from us. For controlling and monitoring your smart home system you can use our bOS Client applications for Android, iOS or Windows.  


Which protocols or brands of devices will the software control?

KNX, Modbus, Z-Wave, S-Bus, DSC alarm, Global Caché, IRTrans, XBMC, Philips Hue, SMA Solar Technologies, IP cameras and IP intercom.


Does the software run on a PC? If not please describe how it works.

Yes the server part of the software runs on a PC.


Can the software be controlled with other devices such as smart phones, tablets or dedicated keypads etc.

ComfortClick bOS can be controlled with any tablet or smart phone (iOS, Android or Windows).


Please describe some of the primary functions that can be performed by the software 

Below is the list of just a small fraction of various features that are possible with bOS:

  • Program (logical operations) - if this happens, do that
  • Schedules – do something (e.g. raise shades) at 7’o clock every day from Monday to Friday.
  • Scenes – design different scenes (lighting, shades) for different occasions (romantic dinner,Friday party, etc.).
  • Data logging – monitor your energy consumption (electricity, water and gas).
  • Presence simulation – make it look like you are at home even when the house is empty.
  • Operating time – measure how long a device was turned on


Is the software designed to be installed and set up by a homeowner or is a professional integrator recommended?

Simple configuration is one of the main advantages of bOS, so the configuration can also be done by homeowner that has some basic technical knowledge.


How long has the company been in operation and what other products / services do you offer?

Company ComfortClick has been established in 2008. We are a system integrator and software developer operating in the area of building automation. We offer complete spectrum of services related with building automation (project planning, hardware installation, system configuration, on demand software  development, etc.)


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